Create a repeatable process to rapidly test your new business ideas with customers.

For corporations we offer custom workshop and advising packages for your product, design and innovation teams. We teach lean startup, design thinking and business model innovation to validate new opportunities with customers.

For startup accelerators we offer entrepreneurial workshops for your cohorts and batches. We teach business model design and lean experimentation to early stage founders so that they can rapidly find product/market fit.


Stuck in the Product Death Cycle?

Corporations are facing extreme uncertainty with their business models, products and services. Gone are the days where you can ask customers what they want, go build it and reap the benefits. Modern organizations need to constantly probe the market and adapt to find the needs behind the features. We blend together lean startup, design thinking and business model innovation to help you build products that matter.

David J Bland
Founder & CEO of Precoil

The Product Death Cycle
  • "David advises corporations on how to design business models and value propositions. Work with him to test yours before it’s too late!"

    Alexander Osterwalder - Strategyzer
  • "David's advising helped us apply lean startup to our new mobility products and services, by rapidly testing them in the market."

    Vinuth Rai - Toyota
  • "David trains our super heroes on how to rapidly validate their startup ideas in the market."

    Tim Draper - Venture Capitalist

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