• "David advises corporations on how to design business models and value propositions. Work with him to test yours before it’s too late!"

    Alexander Osterwalder - Strategyzer
  • "David's advising helped us apply lean startup to our new mobility products and services, by rapidly testing them in the market."

    Vinuth Rai - Toyota
  • "David trains our super heroes on how to rapidly validate their startup ideas in the market."

    Tim Draper - Venture Capitalist


12 week advising packages for startup founders and enterprise leaders.  These include 1:1 video chats and unlimited access to email for topics such as:
- customer development
- business model innovation
- product/market fit
- innovation programs


In-person and virtual private workshops for up to 30 people. These workshops cover topics for all levels of the organization including:
- lean startup
- business model generation
- design thinking
- anti-heroic leadership
- innovation strategy


Keynote addresses for both public and private events. These include 1-2 hour experiential talks on topics such as:
- lean startup
- design thinking
- startup studios / innovation lab design
- business model generation
- anti-heroic leadership

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